Optimizing Home Maintenance Scheduling

As a relatively new homeowner and someone who enjoys preventative maintenance it has been fun, even if a bit overwhelming, keeping up with the house. To keep from losing track of all that needs to be done, I have been using Google Calendar with Google Tasks. I set up recurring tasks, such as “Change HVACContinue reading “Optimizing Home Maintenance Scheduling”

PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.2.1 Released

A minor version of PyKBLayoutOptimizer (v1.2.1) has been released. This version fixes a bug where two identical keys were displayed, leading to an incorrect suggested layout, as well as some minor house-keeping items. I’m hoping to make the next release a “major” one: v2.0. Some things I’d like to include in the next major releaseContinue reading “PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.2.1 Released”

PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.1 Released

I have submitted a minor fix to the PyKBLayoutOptimizer project on GitHub. This fix changes the location of the most-used keys from being the two inner-most keys on the second row to the location that most rest their index fingers when preparing to type (the “F” and “J” keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard). YouContinue reading “PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.1 Released”

What Calculators Taught Me About Purpose

This blog post is about purpose, but I will start in an unexpected place. Lately I’ve been getting into calculators. HP calculators specifically. With their RPN entry method, solid reputation among engineers and financial analysts, and the fact that I love collecting stuff it was inevitable that I’d pick up a few along the way.Continue reading “What Calculators Taught Me About Purpose”

Coding: The Art of Losing Interest and Finding Purpose

I felt there was a gap in the availability of a particular application on the Linux platform that had equivalents on Windows and Mac OS. To remedy this, I started collecting the data sources I would need to tap into, came up with a list of requirements for the first build (can’t escape my BusinessContinue reading “Coding: The Art of Losing Interest and Finding Purpose”

Introducing: PyKBLayoutOptimizer

I’m happy to announce my first software release on GitHub! The new tool is called PyKBLayoutOptimizer, which is a custom keyboard layout tool written in Python. This tool imports a document that you have written to create a suggested keyboard layout based on your own writing preferences. A link to download the software is includedContinue reading “Introducing: PyKBLayoutOptimizer”