PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.2.1 Released

A minor version of PyKBLayoutOptimizer (v1.2.1) has been released. This version fixes a bug where two identical keys were displayed, leading to an incorrect suggested layout, as well as some minor house-keeping items. I’m hoping to make the next release a “major” one: v2.0. Some things I’d like to include in the next major releaseContinue reading “PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.2.1 Released”

PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.1 Released

I have submitted a minor fix to the PyKBLayoutOptimizer project on GitHub. This fix changes the location of the most-used keys from being the two inner-most keys on the second row to the location that most rest their index fingers when preparing to type (the “F” and “J” keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard). YouContinue reading “PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.1 Released”

Coding: The Art of Losing Interest and Finding Purpose

I felt there was a gap in the availability of a particular application on the Linux platform that had equivalents on Windows and Mac OS. To remedy this, I started collecting the data sources I would need to tap into, came up with a list of requirements for the first build (can’t escape my BusinessContinue reading “Coding: The Art of Losing Interest and Finding Purpose”

Introducing: PyKBLayoutOptimizer

I’m happy to announce my first software release on GitHub! The new tool is called PyKBLayoutOptimizer, which is a custom keyboard layout tool written in Python. This tool imports a document that you have written to create a suggested keyboard layout based on your own writing preferences. A link to download the software is includedContinue reading “Introducing: PyKBLayoutOptimizer”