PyKBLayoutOptimizer v1.2.1 Released

A minor version of PyKBLayoutOptimizer (v1.2.1) has been released. This version fixes a bug where two identical keys were displayed, leading to an incorrect suggested layout, as well as some minor house-keeping items.

I’m hoping to make the next release a “major” one: v2.0. Some things I’d like to include in the next major release include the following:

  • GUI – I really want to move away from the terminal to allow for a clearer display of the suggested layout
  • Options – Different layout options: right-or-left hand dominant, keep certain keys in a particular location, etc.
  • Factor-in Typing Comfort – Someone over on the project page (I don’t know if they would want their name published here) was kind enough to suggest avoiding single-finger bigrams, which is when users hits several keys with the same finger, one after another. You can read more about this subject here. I had never heard of this, so it was great to learn something new about keyboard design.

I don’t have a timeline set for the next version. Right now I’m taking a lot of time to learn about AWS, Red Hat Ansible, and going through an Auto Technician book – some things for work, some for just plain old fun. I’ll post updates on the progress of the new version of PyKBLayoutOptimizer periodically here on this site.

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